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So, a while ago I started reading in some Magazines and Beauty Blogs about a come back of the Strobing Makeup technique, and how it's going to replace the whole "countouring" craze. I never really liked contouring to be honest, because... I really suck at it (I kind of make my cheek and jaw line look like I have a beard instead of shadow...).
But I've always been really a big fan of dewy skin. I didn't really associated it with a makeup technique, just a fresh complexion and healthy shine. Turns out that, while reading  FASHION RADICALS a website by Catherine Villota, I learned that it actually is a french makeup technique (bummer), used to achieve a youthful glow and natural shine, by highlighting certain areas in your face. So basically it is highlighting with a shimmer and not creating false shadows to slim your face, unlike contouring. Pepa María also left some useful articles on her FACEBOOK Page I looked up to get more information. You should check her out, she always knows about the latest trends.

Don't get me wrong, it's not about looking like a glittery disco ball, or really sweaty and greasy. Not at all.  Just like contouring, where you'd highlight area like cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, brow bone and cupids bow to draw attention to them, you'll do the same, but with some sheen to make your whole complexion glow. You'll instantly look fresh, healthy without trying too hard. Sounds like a triple win to me. I also tried to find specific products that are used to achieve this look, if you're interested, I found that some popular ones are:
1) The MAC Strobing Liquid Lotion
2) The BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector
3) The Benefit High Beam

But the list goes on...

But, if you're like me, and don't want to compromise or invest in something new because your makeup collection is already large enough, here are some tricks to save some bucks.


An easy DIY option to get the look in less than 5 minutes is to mix 3 products you possible already have:
1) Moisturizer
2) BB or CC cream 
3) White/light beige Shimmery Pigment



1) Apply Moisturizer on Face & Neck
This is a very important step, you're prepping your skin to make it look dewy and fresh by moisturizing it. Rub it in gently.

2) Apply your Base: CC or BB Cream.
What I love about CC creams is that it is basically  a tinted moisturizer with SPF and it actually makes my pores look tighter and hides redness without being full coverage and heavy. I use it when I go for a fresh natural look.

3) Highlight: Cheekbones, Brow bones, Bridge of the Nose and Cupids Bow
Mix a little bit of your CC cream (or light foundation you chose) with a WHITE or LIGHT BEIGE shimmery loose Pigment. The apply on the areas previously mentioned. Don't over do it, or you'll end up looking sweaty. Light strokes are the trick, That way it'll look like the sun / light hits the high points of your face.

4) Apply the rest of your Makeup

Easy, right?
Anyway, tell me what you think of Strobing, and do you really think it is going to replace contouring? If you try it out, please tell me, I'd love to know. Also, don't forget to check out my social media, you can find the links in my sidebar. And I'd really appreciate if you'd subscribe to my YouTube Channel :)
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