We're in the middle of summer, one of my favourite seasons, and while some are already thinking of how to transition to fall, I want to perpetuate all summer trends that are VERY HOT this summer - pun intended - because I live in a city where it's summer all year and I can't wear pretty fall or winter clothes... so here are 3 of my favorite items:

1) The Bucket Bag
One of my personal favorite bags of all time ( I own several ones ). It has enough room to carry all your stuff, it's comfortable and very stylish. Not many bags are as practical and cute as this one!
2) Lace up Shoes

Not so comfortable, but very pretty, bohemian and girly. I'm in love with these. So summer festival ish, but unfortunately they're not very comfortable. However, sometimes you can sacrifice a little over something so pretty. My favorite ones are the flat / ballet types, though I've seen some gladiator styles I'm kind of digging at the moment. What do you think?

3) Asymmetrical Skirts
Yes, I wear them almost daily. There's something about them that makes me love them so much. They're sexy and feminine, and they can be very flattering. With some volume they're ideal for inverted triangle shaped bodies, if they're pencil like for pear or hour glass ones, and with the right proportions, a line ones could suit even straight rectangle kind bodies. So you should give the a try!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that. Also, don't forget that I have a Youtube Channel! I'd really appreciate if you'd subscribe to it. Anyway, I'll see you on Monday, I have something very special for you prepared <3

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