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Many of you already know my love for simplicity when it comes to clothes. Well, it also applies to interior design. I'm not a huge color fan (unless we're talking about makeup of course) that is why I'm crazy for textures and geometric patterns in neutral colors like shades of gray, nude, browns and of course black and white, lots of white. 
And while I'm here sitting on my bed with my laptop on my uh lap, pinning beautiful pictures of home offices to my HOME OFFICE & WORK SPACE board, I thought I'd share the images I like the most and inspire me to recreate on of these as soon as I have my own space. So, with no further rambling, here are my top 5 elements and favorite offices I found on Pinterest.


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What I adore about these is the polished white surface of the desk, with drawers (that means storage) with feminine touches such as nightstand lamps instead of desk lamps and fresh flowers. I feel like a pretty space makes working more fun. I'd be more than happy to be able to blog from one of these desks at least.


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Doesn't a crisp, white space feel much cooler? I absolutely adore minimalist interior design. Most people I've met claim it is a little too sterile and blank, but I feel it is the perfect style for a work space, since it creates a calm atmosphere allowing you to get inspired more easily. Also, it looks very clean and functional, what's not to love? Aside from the white floor (too high maintenance) this would be a dream.


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Light-wood, cream and white. These look like taken out of the pages of an Ikea catalog. It is very simple with minimalist elements, but the light colored wood and textures make it cozier and warmer. I really love the functionality of all the drawers and the natural light flooding the office. Just beautiful!


command center wall, organization wall, hacks, cork board wall, pinterest office

Offices or work spaces that use every space efficiently are a dream. These command walls are great for extra storage but also organization if you have a small work space. It is a great way of keeping tools close or if it's in cork board it is very handy to PIN in real life stuff you need to remember, how cool is that? Definitely going on my wish list. 


fashionblogger office, fashion work space, glass desk, black and white work space

This must be my favorite of them all. There's something so amazing about ghost furniture (glass or plexiglass, aka see through). A disadvantage is that you have to keep it very organized since everything is visible, and oh the fingerprints... but I think it's worth it. Look at how amazing and stylish it looks. With black and white fashion photography on the wall and an arm chair. If I had to choose now, I think I'd go for this one. 

Anyway, you should tell me which one is your favorite, I'd really like to know. Also, if you work at home, how practical do you think are these? Tell me in the comments section below, and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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