On today's blogging tips I want to talk about something that worries almost every new Blogger. On a previous post about 5 THINGS NO ONE TELLS YOU WHEN YOU START A FASHIONBLOG, one major thing was that it costs money. If you want to run a quality blog at least. So I'm going to list items you'll have to invest in, in order to blog/vlog and step up your social media game for said Blog.

When I started blogging I obviously started without any of the things I'm going to mention, but I've been acquiring them throughout the months and thinking of blogging without them now is nearly impossible. This means you don't need to have all of these items at once, but they're sooner or later going to be necessary.

Or a computer (though a portable one is handier) obviously, because duh, you're running a blog on the internet, and you need a device to actually blog on. I've seen people blog on their tablets or phones, but what do you do when you have to code? I mean, it's not just about writing, posting and sharing. You need to set it up first, install a template do some basic html to personalize it. I doubt you can do that efficiently on your phone, unless you're a pro. Chances are you probably own one (it's 2015) but assuming you'd have to get one to start blogging, you'd have to make a big purchase, technology is very expensive.


Now, this is a little weird for me to state. I'm using a free template and I didn't purchase a domain until recently because I didn't have a credit card. But if you wanna start out right, these are 2 things you should keep in mind to invest in (I've seen bunch of other bloggers with the same template as me, which is a little annoying, but hey it's free!) I'm not going to mention hosting, because not all bloggers have self-hosted  sites, I don't. And right now I don't see the need. Maybe in some months, I'll tell you when I'm ready.

ESTIMATED COST: Domain (1 year) 35 US$ Template 20 - 400 US$*

*The price range can cary according to the design, if it's custom made or i it was pre-set with just some modifications.

Now I am lucky to use my brothers camera, but as a blogger, be it about fashion, beauty, cooking or lifestyle, a camera is so important. You need quality pictures in readers to keep the readers coming back! You can't rely just on you phones camera, for product shots, or event coverage a DSLR is a must. I used my brother's Canon EOS 650 D with the kit lens (18-55mm) or the 50 mm lens. As for photography lights, unless it's a photography blog, you can improvise with regular lamps, DIY softboxes, or get the most out of natural light, I haven't bought any professional lights, I use a regular desk lamp with a ring bulb for videos and product shots, and it did cost less than 20 US$.

ESTIMATED COST: w/ kit lens  1000 US$ new - 500 US$ second hand.

Mobile/Cell phone actually. With all those cool apps you do need a smart phone. Be it android or IOS (even windows) it doesn't really matter - hey! not all bloggers have IPhones!- but you need a mobile device to be active on social media, but also to be accessible for business calls regarding collabs etc. You most likely already own one of these as well, but it is worth mentioning that it is absolutely necessary.

ESTIMATED COST: IPhone 6  / Samsung Galaxy S6  depending on where you purchase them, the price can start at 700 US$ and go u to 900 USD$

If you're serious about blogging, you might wanna designate a space in your home to do it. That means you'll need a desk, chair, paper bin, pens, notebooks, and other stuff. Now listing the prices of all these things would take too long, but it is definitely a lot of stuff, so I'm guessing the price (if you get them at IKEA at least.)


Now, these are things you probably pay for even if you don't blog, but you have to consider they're more important than ever now, right? So you spend a minimum on 100 US$ every month for those services, that's a lot of cash in 1 year, so it definitely counts since you absolutely need it now!


So these are the things you'll potentially need as a fashionblogger aside from cute clothes and accesories. I'm not trying to discourage you from starting a blog, I just want you to realize there quite a few things you need to take care of and invest in in order to become a serious blogger, but remember you can buy them throughout your blogger journey, always upgrading your blogger kit. There's always room for new stuff and paraphernalia that becomes a must, but I just listed the very basic things you'll need. If you think I've forgotten something, please let me know, or tell me what your blogging kit consists of.

Anyway, see you soon.


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