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Hello Guys! Today's Post should've been a Monday Blogging Tip one, but I then again it's not just a tip.. I wanted to share with you that I'm this weeks LE GUIDE NOIR's Insider! (#LGNinsider) and as a Fashionblogger I'm uber happy about it, because ... ahmm, in case you didn't know, LGN is a world wide ranking system for fashionbloggers. 

The LGN team contacted me via email some days ago, and asked me if I wanted to be a LGN insider, share expiriences, thoughts, tips and tricks  through 3 questions that would be posted on their INSTAGRAM  for fellow bloggers to get to know me better, because you know, we're all colleagues in the end. So here it is, 3 questions, 3 answers. Make sure you follow them on Instagram, their always highlighting fashionbloggers, you might be next!

From Colombia, our #LGNinsider this week is @alinamodeblog ! ▪️1. How did you discover your passion for blogging? _________________________________ I’m an economics student, but I’ve always loved fashion. At university I discovered that I really like writing so I thought that I could do the same with other topics like my personal interests. Communicating fashion and beauty is my main activity and I couldn’t be happier as fashion design was not my talent, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work in fashion as an economist someday. ▪️2. What is a typical day for you? _________________________________ I wake up around 7 am, have a healthy breakfast, turn on my laptop and do my 30 minutes morning exercises. Then go to work and around 4pm I’m back home. That’s the “golden hour” I use to take #OOTD pictures or flatlays for my blog and Instagram. Then I like to have fun with friends, go out with my boyfriend or stay home with my family. ▪️ 3 Which Le Guide Noir tools are your favorite? Why? _________________________________ I absolutely love everything about the Fashion Spark Tool. Not only does it allow me to view my own stats, see if I have improved throughout the months and traffic/interactions growth weekly, but it also allows me to compare myself to blogs similar to mine or from my country, and see what works for them that might work for me as well. ________________________________ Be sure to check her out! Brought to you by ◀︎leguidenoir.com ►
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WAIT A MINUTE! This Post isn't just over, yet. I'm also here to explain to some of you what Le Guide Noir actually is, do you know? I mean, if you're a fashionblogger why are you not using it? So, lets begin:

le guide noir, what is le guide noir, how to use le guide noir, LGNinsider, fashionblogger colombia

Like I said before, Le Guide Noir is a world wide ranking system for fashion influencers/bloggers. You can see the rank as a whole, but also in categories or just for a certain country. 
But it has more features than just a rank, it also has the so called Fashion Spark Tool, which is basically a tool that allows you to track, compare and follow important metrics of your blog and social media and compare it as well to the stats of "competitors" aka  fellow fashionbloggers you select.  
You have your own profile, which is perfect to display as part of your media kit, since it shows all the important stats, brands you've worked with, your weekly blog posts, and even part of   your Instagram feed. 

So, if you're a fashionblogger and you're not yet on Le Guide Noir, what the heck are you doing? Become a member now, only good stuff will come to you if you take advantage of it.

De casualidad descubrí la herramienta @leguidenoir_ que me permite comparar todas mis interacciones tanto de mi #blog ( www.alinaalamode.blogspot.com) como mis redes sociales ( #Facebook #Instagram #Pinterest y #Twitter ) en un solo lugar. Es super para #FashionBloggers pues tiene herramientas que te permiten ver el tiempo óptimo para hacer tus publicaciones, la evolución de los stats de tus redes, incluyendo seguidores e interacciones y los top posts de los demás Bloggers de tu país. Así que te invito a descubrirla en www.leguidenoir.com #FashionBlog ❤ ▪▪▪▪▪ Hey guys! I recently discovered @leguidenoir_ the perfect tool for every fashoin/style #Blogger around the world)(including me, www.alinaalamode.blogspot.com) . It helps you measure your influence and provides useful stats about your activity/interactions and those of your 'competitors' though I'd call them mates lol. Something that is also very useful is this one tool that tells you when it's best to post on your blog! Pretty cool, huh? So if you have a blog, what are you waiting for? Go check out www.leguidenoir.com
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