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S.E.O for fashionbloggers pt.1, This only contains a few basic tips, and sharing all I know would make a way too long, boring and technical blog post.

Okay, I should've uploaded a Blogging Tips post yesterday, but I couldn't sign into my account... so here's one extra tip, don't use the 2 step verification on Google unless you own 2 separate cell phones... 

Anyway, like you can read in the title of this, I'm going to talk about S.E.O, aka. Search Engine Optimization, specifically for Fashion Blogs, since there are a bunch and getting some little extra help to make your blog more visible won't hurt. Here it is fellow fashionblogger colleagues, some tips and tricks:

I know it's tempting to choose very clever or punny titles, but those aren't really "searchable" or S.E.O friendly. Titles that start with commons terms people use to google something will always be easier to find, for example: "HOW TO...". That is how most of us google stuff, right? If we want to find a tutorial or DIY, we usually start to type the words how the search bar.  If you're a fashionblogger and you're posting something about how to wear plaid for example, "How to style Plaid" as a title will be easier to find than something clever like "CHECK this out!". Now don't limit yourself to terms like how to.. think of other common terms used to find content related to fashion. "Hot Summer Trend:..." "Fashion Staples you Need", etc. Just imagine yourself googling your blog post, how would you search it? Or take some inspiration from fashion magazines online, they sure know how to choose right but also clever titles, aka they've mastered the art of combining searchable terms in a punny line, but making it totally relatable to the content of the actual article .

This helps especially since it can increase organic traffic.You see, in Blogspot themes, the Blog Name ususally appears before the actual Post name. But when people who don't know about your blog yet, search information that is part of your content, it'd be so practical if the post title would actually appear first, since that's what they are actually looking for (and that is why titles are so important, it can really help you when it comes to organic traffic). To do this, you need to change some codes in your Blogger template:

Click Template, edit HTML and find this code by clicking ctrl f and pasting it in the little search bar that shows up:

Now replace it with this code:

And you're done! Give it some hours to adjust, and it'll automatically change the the order on how the title of your blog and post title is displayed.

This is something I've known for a while... but I've been lazy and forgot for some MONTHS to do. I regret it though, because it seriously helps so much. This is to use only the KEYWORDS on your permalink, aka the link that links to this blogpost (never have I ever said link so often in one sentence!). For example, Blogger does this things where it automatically uses yout title as permalink, but usually titles contain words we don't need, such as "and", "to",etc. The trick is to use 2 or 3 Keywords in it to make it, again, searchable. This for example would be something like "/seo-tips-fashionbloggers" no need to put "/basic-seo-tips-for-fashionbloggers". The words "basic" and "for" can be cut out.

I wrote a full post on How to optimize images for better SEO on your Fashionblog, since we all know that fashionblogs are very visual, use a lot of images, and often we find new fashionblogs through images rather than the actual content. So, if you haven't read it, go check it out!

Remember that I said that you need to use "searchable titles"? Well, mentioning the keywords a few times withing the actual blog post will be very beneficial (unless you simply put them there in random places or flood your post with it. Don't do that, that's BAD). The content needs to flow, but in my previous blog post about how to edit Flatlay pictures for Instagram, I mention the word "FLATLAY" quite a few times... it has a purpose, believe me. Also, if you're using keywords in your actual blog, try to mention at least one of them in the first paragraph of every blog post. (If you wanna know how to use keywords on your actual blog, next week I'll explain the importance of keywords for fashionbloggers, and how to set them up!)



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