For the longest time now I've been wanting a new Vanity / Makeup Station. Well, I'm a fashion and beauty blogger! The one I currently have is not very practical and it is in a dark spot, which makes it very unpractical (I do  my makeup in my bathroom because it has better light) and simply doesn't fulfill my long time dream.

My idea of a perfect vanity is something that combines a minimal aesthetic with feminine touches. A clean white desk would maybe do the job, but there are other things I want, like the desk having a glass top so I can store my jewelry in it and make it look like a boutique display. I also want a Hollywood inspired mirror with all the pretty light bulbs around it, and I want a few Muuji Boxes & trays to store makeup, brushes and perfumes.

My dream is to use and entire room as closet/vanity/makeup room. Unfortunately I can't afford my own place to make this dream come true, but as soon as I have my first house, I'll make sure this is the first project (after important stuff like kitchen & bathroom).

That being all, enjoy the images, unfortunately I couldn't find the sources of them, they've been repinned so often and the links are broken, I've tried to google search them, but they lead back to Pinterest. (If you know the author of the images below, please let me know).

By the way, I have a new Youtube Channel, I'd really appreciate if you check it out.


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