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Today I have a checklist for you. When you compare the most successful blogs, they all have something in common, they all started out like ours, those celebrity bloggers were once like us, but they learned to optimize their little space on the internet to make it professional looking and functional. And today,  I've come up with this list of things your blog definitely needs in order to grow. I'm not really going to explain in depth why your Fashion Blog needs them, because once you read them it's pretty obvious or I've already explained it in other Monday Blogging Tips posts, but it is an easy way to check if your blog is scoring high or low in this blogging game. Now  let's see how many of these things your blog has and leave the score in the comments,  mine is  19/30, though I'll make sure it's 30/30 soon.

1. Responsive Layout
2. Easy to navigate template
3. Categories (tags)
4. A Name & Brand
5. A professional looking Logo
6. A sidebar w/ your Photo
7. Google Analytics
8. Access Blog Post Archive
9. About Me / F.A.Q Page
10. Disclaimer, PR info/ Sponsor Page
11. Contact Info
12. Blogroll (for link parties)

13. Organized Blog Posts
14. Spelling and Grammar on point
15. All Blog Posts w/ Images
16. A continuous theme throughout the posts
17. Clear Blog post title & Date
18. Easy to read Font
19. Similar Post display (linkwithin)
20. Sharing & Social Media Button
21. Calls to action & Easy to use Comment Section

22. Professional looking Outfit or Product Photos w/ credits
23. Fashion related Social Media (Polyvore, Fashionlista, Lookbook.nu)
24. A defined Style & Consistency
25. Display of favorite Brands / Designers
26. Badges of Fashion Communities you joined

27. S.E.O
28. RSS Feed / Email Suscripcion Box
29. Working Links
30. Fast Load Time


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