How to write the perfect Instagram caption (to increase engagement)

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For fashionbloggers, Instagram has become something like an extension of their personality, brand and blog. It is therefore no secret that having a large following on this platform specifically has increasingly become more important since it is the new way to get your blog noticed, monetized and overall make your audience grow. 

You might have noticed that top bloggers usually have a theme going on, only post neat pictures that are visually appealing, are cohesive with their blog aesthetics and some product placement here and there. And while I'm all about beautiful pictures to get noticed on Instagram, there's a little more to it than visual marketing.

What you write or not write in you caption is equally as important as the visual statement of your picture, specially if it's engagement you want to increase. That is why I've come up with this guide to write the perfect Instagram caption with some basic rules and tips, helpful for everyone, particularly bloggers, who want to increase their likes and comments.


Everytime you have your phone in your hands and are about to post a picture on Instagram, whether it is an outfit picture, a flatlay, a shot of your lunch, or a short 15 second video, ask yourself if you need to explain it a little further. It is true that a picture says more than a thousand words, but sometimes it isn't so obvious for everyone and it needs a little explaining. 

When I post an outfit picture I like to explain where the items are from, if they are new, or something I've had forever in my closet. If it's a meal, I explain the ingredients, what restaurant it is, how I got there and if I recommend it etc, or if it's a landscape you can share some facts about that place in particular. Just make sure you're giving your followers a wider glimpse of your life with some information that is not too personal, but tells more about you as a blogger and person.

Now, I've said share information that is not too personal. But sometimes it is ok to share certain things, like in a blog post, because the ideal is to make those instagram followers visit your blog. I've shared personal stories about insecurities, my career, life plan etc., and even though  I didn't do it to get everyone to comment about it, people -yes, followers are actually real people - appreciate honest posts because hey can relate. But don't overdo it. You can also share tips and tricks, let's say you're really good at makeup and your eyeliner is on point, you can tell them what product you used and in what way to get it perfectly done. Another way, which is one of my favorites because it works wonderfully, is to simply ask questions. "How would you wear these shoes?" "What's you're favorite lipstick?" "Where would you rather be, country side or at the beach?". There's something about reading a question that makes you want to answer it, it is a great way to get people to comment on your pics.

Groundbreaking. But I'm guilty of not double checking. You can blame autocorrect only so often. But it is true that while we are typing with our thumbs on that tiny keyboard on our phones, we're more prone to spelling mistakes. But if we want to look professional we need to triple check - note to self. Now, about grammar mistakes there's really no excuse. Go back to school!

Disclaimer: Avoid using too many hashtags on your caption, but don't avoid them in general. In order to make your caption look clean you can use one or two within the text if they're relevant. But here's a tip, I usually post a picture, and right after within the first minute, I comment on it with a bunch of hashtags relevant in my niche. That way I make sure you can find my pictures with those tags, but once people start to comment (after 2 or 3 comments), that one hashtag comment I wrote myself, is hidden and it doesn't look so messy. 

"Where words fail, emojis speak"- Jac Vanek.
Wise words my dear Jac. It is indeed possible for our generation to efficiently communicate through emojis. Now, I'm not sure if we should feel proud of that, since we're basically going back to hieroglyphs,  but they're cute and fun, and everyone in general agrees. They're a way of decorating your text and make it look prettier. So, why not? You can give it a try and see how everyone reacts to them. 

Now, you can always try to be funny and spontaneous, or go for the "famous/ motivational/ inspirational/ hippy-yogi/ Ying and Yang quote", but to me those are too predictable. Think of instagram captions as a micro-blogging type of thing. Anyway, I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them ALL.

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